Bunk Beds with Simply Kids Beds

Here at Simply Kids Beds we have wide range of brilliant bunk beds. With new builds getting smaller and smaller we know how important it is to fit everyone in comfortably. Bunk beds are a fabulous way to save space and sleep more people, young and old.

Bunk Beds – Safety is everything!

The minimum age requirement for your child to use the top bunk is 6 years old. Every child is different and you will know your little one better than anyone, syou may feel that your child is not quite ready for the top bunk at that age.

Bunks Beds – Bedmaster Vancouver Bunk Bed

The Bedmaster Vancouver Bunk Bed is one of our best sellers. We love the New England look of this design. The frame is super robust being made from solid pine with a wooden slated base. It has a crisp white lacquered finish. The Vancouver Bunk ladder has flat treads which are great for making it easier and comfier for a child to get up and down from the top bunk.


Another fab design feature is that the bunk bed can be transformed into two single beds. This is a great way to get the most out of your purchase. When your child gets older they may prefer to have a more grown up look in their bedroom. This could also come in handy if you have two children currently sharing but eventually they will go into separate rooms.


Bunk Beds – Verona America & Barcelona Bunk Bed

The Verona America Bunk Bed and Barcelona Bunk Bed are much loved and versatile designs. These bunk beds are available in two different lengths. For those who require a little more leg room we have a 3ft x 6ft3 length or a  2ft6 x 6ft3 length. For those who have a very tight space they can choose from a 3ft x 5ft3 length or a 2ft6 x 5ft3 length shorty bunk bed.

america-ant-bunk-3_4_3 america-ww-bunk-3_5_3

Both designs are very similar however, the Barcelona has a flat wooden plinth finishing the tops of the headboard and foot board. Both designs are available in an Antique finish or a White Wash finish. The different finishes create an entirely different look, going from rustic to contemporary instantly. They can also be transformed into two single beds however they will not be identical side by side.


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